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Hose Ferrules

Hose ferrule is a product for connecting hose insert and hose. It is used in high-pressure environment, featuring a tight clamping, strong hoop force, anti-pull off ability.

We can provide hose ferrules made of stainless steeland low carbon steel sleeve.
Before installing hose barb fitting, place them on the end of the hose and then crimping it with a special crimping tool to well fix the fitting and prevent leakage.

1. Reasonable structure design
2. Conform to ISO Standard
3. Zinc plating treatment for the surface, preventing rust and corrosion.

All material are made of electric furnace steel, avoiding the hidden hazard of tiny crack inside.
All blanks are one-body piece, no weld, eliminating the potential risks of leak, heavy working pressure endurable.
All finished with CR3+ zinc with sealer treatment after passivation, 96 hours salt spray test passed.